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AMD Kommentarer til FreeSync 2 HDR kontrovers

AMD earlier this month announced that it is simply renaming its new FreeSync 2 standard as FreeSync 2 HDR, since it already incorporates hardware HDR, even though HDR is but one among many new features introduced with FreeSync 2. This caused some controversy as some FreeSync 2-certified monitors, which could now be plastered with FreeSync 2 HDR stickers, barely meet VESA's DisplayHDR 400 standards. AMD released a detailed statement to TechPowerUp, in which it clarified that FreeSync 2 HDR in no way lowers the bar for HDR, and that its certification program is both separate from and predates VESA DisplayHDR standards.

I det væsentlige hævder AMD, at alle FreeSync 2 HDR-certificerede skærme overskrider DisplayHDR 400-kravene, men ikke alle opfylder DisplayHDR 600-minimumsstandarder. I sådanne tilfælde kan skærmproducenter muligvis sætte både DisplayHDR 400 og AMD FreeSync 2 HDR-logoer i deres spec-ark eller selve produktet, men det betyder ikke, at deres skærme kun kan slukke 400 nits lysstyrke. Udsagnet følger.