AMD 'Picasso' APU-grafikoverflader i UserBenchmark-databasen

AMD appears to have begun testing of its third APU for the socket AM4 platform, codenamed 'Picasso.' The code-name saw first light some 10 months ago, when it was described as AMD's APU product for 2019. The integrated graphics core of 'Picasso' made its way to UserBenchmark database under the device ID '15D8.' There are no benchmark results associated with this chip, yet. OIder slides described 'Picasso' as being a slightly improved variant of 'Raven Ridge,' with improvements to out of the box performance and performance/Watt. It's likely that the chip is essentially 'Raven Ridge' fabricated on the 12 nm node, with tweaks to the chip's on-die software. 2019 will also see AMD introduce its first chips based on the 'Zen 2' architecture. Sources: momomo_us (Twitter), VideoCardz, UserBenchmark Database