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AMD Ryzen 9 PIB-pakke afbildet på nært hold

AMD will differentiate its high-end Ryzen 9 desktop processor PIB (processor-in-a-box) retail package from that of the Ryzen 7 series with a more premium-looking box. Retailer PC Part Picker put up this picture of the Ryzen 9 box up-close, which also surfaced in E3-2019 presentations by AMD. The box is made of a thicker paperboard than the one the Ryzen 7 ships in, and features a 2-piece clamshell design, in which the upper part slides off. A faux carbon fiber texture dominates four faces of the top half, while the orange bottom one features a chrome insert with the '9' brand extension. The chip's PCI-Express gen 4.0 support earns prominent mention on the front face. The box contains the processor, an AMD Wraith Prism RGB cooling solution that's capable of handling thermal loads of up to 140W, aRGB cables for the cooler, a case badge, and some documentation. AMD will use this package for both the Ryzen 9 3900X and the flagship Ryzen 9 3950X.

Ryzen 9 3900X lanceres den 7. juli og vil være AMDs tophund, indtil 3950X kommer langs tid i september. 3900X er en 12-core / 24-trins processor, der er uret til 3,80 GHz med 4,60 GHz boost, designet til at konkurrere med Core i9-9900K og pris til USD 499 USD. 3950X er en 16-kerners / 32-trådsdel, der ligger på et prispoint langt over, til USD 749. Denne chip tikker på 3,50 GHz med 4,70 GHz boost, på trods af sit høje kerneantal. Begge chips har deres TDP-karakter på 105W og inkluderer en Wraith Prism RGB-køleopløsning.

Source: PCPartPicker