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 intel 10nm 'is sø' for at kombinere 'solrig bugt' cpu kerner med gen11 igpu - Intel

Intel 10nm 'Ice Lake' til at kombinere 'Sunny Cove' CPU-kerner med Gen11 iGPU

Intel's upcoming 'Ice Lake' die could be the company's biggest processor innovation in a decade, combining new clean-slate design 'Sunny Cove' CPU cores, and a new integrated graphics solution based on the company's Gen11 architecture. 'Sunny Cove' introduces significant IPC (single-thread performance) gains over 'Coffee Lake,' introduces new ISA instruction sets, including AVX-512; and a brand new uncore component; while the Gen11 graphics core is Intel's first iGPU to reach the 1 TFLOP/s mark. Intel demonstrated the ultra-low power 'Ice Lake-U' SoC platform in its 2018 Architecture Day briefing.

Denne 'Lake Lake-U' -chip med sin TDP i ballparken på 15 W blev vist rippende gennem 7-zip og 'Tekken 7.' Med 7-zip forsøgte Intel at demonstrere vektor-AES og SHA-NI med at forbedre arkivkrypteringsydelsen med 75 procent over 'Skylake'. Gen11 iGPU blev vist, hvilket giver et glattere gameplay end Skylake med Gen9, selvom virksomheden hverken nævnte opløsning eller billedrater. Anandtech satser på over 30 fps.
Source: AnandTech