intel 'safirfald' mikro-arkitektur lykkes 'tiger sø' - Intel

Intel 'Sapphire Rapids' mikroarkitektur lykkes 'Tiger Lake'

Intel revealed the very first hint at its post-'Ice Lake'/'Tiger Lake' processor lineup, which will likely be built on the company's 7 nanometer silicon fab process. Its 12th generation Core processor will be built on the new 'Sapphire Rapids' silicon, which will be a major micro-architecture change, and could put 8-core into more hands. The processor, along with its companion chipset, will make up the 'Tinsley' platform, which is expected to hit the market in 2020.

Efter sin 8. generation af Core 'Coffee Lake'-opstillingen kunne Intel bygge 2-3 mikroarkitekturer på sin nye 10 nm-proces, nemlig' Cannon Lake ',' Ice Lake 'og' Tiger Lake ', som kunne frigives over næste tre år. 'Sapphire Rapids' kunne lanceres på processen, der lykkes 10 nm, sandsynligvis 7 nm, med en lanceringstidslinje sandsynligvis omkring 2020.
Source: Intel