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Manli kører GeForce RTX 2060-serien ud

Manli Technology Group Limited, the major Graphics Cards and other components manufacturer, today unveiled the new GeForce RTX 2060 family - Manli GeForce RTX 2060 with three solutions: blower style fan, twin cooler design and overclocking version. Manli GeForce RTX 2060 family is powered by the NVIDIA Turning GPU architecture and delivering ray tracing technology. Moreover, it is built-in 1,920 CUDA Cores which has increased up to 50% compared with previous generation, and the core frequency is at 1365 MHz which can boost up to 1680 MHz.

Manli GeForce RTX 2060 Gallardo & Manli GeForce RTX 2060 med tvillingskøler: Manli GeForce RTX 2060 Gallardo & RTX 2060 er begge bygget med dobbelt 8 cm ventilator og tre kobbervarmerør, der giver effektiv varmeafledning. Manli GeForce RTX 2060 Gallardo er specielt funktioner på op til 5% mere overklokering sammenlignet med standardversionen. Manli GeForce RTX 2060 med blæserventilator: Manli GeForce RTX 2060 leveres med 'Tai Chi' -serien med køligere afdækningsdesign og dobbelt kuglelejerblæserventilatordesign med varmepipe.