ULs Raytracing-benchmark er ikke baseret på tidsspion, helt ny udvikling

After we've covered news of UL's (previously known as 3D Mark) move to include a raytracing benchmark mode on Time Spy, the company has contacted us and other members of the press to clarify their message and intentions. As it stands, the company will not be updating their Time Spy testing suite with Raytracing technologies. Part of the reason is that this would need an immense rewrite of the benchmark itself, which would be counterproductive - and this leads to the rest of the reason why it's not so: such a significant change would invalidate previous results that didn't have the Raytracing mode activated.

Som sådan har UL valgt at udvikle et helt nyt benchmark, der er bygget op fra grunden til at bruge Microsofts DirectX Raytracing (DXR). Denne nye benchmark tilføjes til 3D Mark-appen som en opdatering. Den nye test producerer sine egne benchmarking-scoringer, meget som Fire Strike og Time Spy gjorde, og vil give brugerne endnu en stige til at klatre på vej til toppen af ​​benchmarking-scenen. Andre detaljer er knappe - hvilket giver mening. Men testen skal stadig være tilgængelig på eller omkring tidspunktet for NVIDIAs 20-seriens lancering, den 20. september. Sources: UL, None of the images herein are representative of UL's benchmark, they're just examples of Raytracing